Slow start to a new year

Just so you know, it’s been a rough start to the new year.  I’ve been sick enough to actually use my medical insurance and go to the doctor.  It’s also really odd to be in a job where they tell you to go home when you’re sick.  For 30 years it was, “I don’t care how you’re feeling, being sick is a state of mind, get in here and do this report for me.”

One thing I’ve learned though is I make a poor patient.  I don’t like being in bed with nothing to do.  I finished my library books in the first few days.  I probably should have started looking at the 2015 reading challenge and found something on the bookshelves around the house or on the Nook or Kindle which would fit the challenge.  However, I don’t feel like reading.  I would stitch but needles are not allowed in the bedroom. This leaves me with electronic devices.  I have spent too much time on facebook, playing games on the Android tablet, earned up to 300+ stars on Microsoft solitaire and leveled up on 2 hidden picture games. This is totally wasted time.  There is nothing productive about it. Who cares that I’m on level 616 on Pet Rescue Saga or 110 in Candy Crush Soda? I quit playing Candy Crush at level 519 because it just became stupid and it wouldn’t sync when I got the new tablet.  I had a great grandfather who said that playing cards were a waste of a young man’s time because they didn’t lead to anything productive and I can’t help but wonder what he would say about the amount of time I’ve spent online playing games.

Today though, I’m feeling well enough to go downstairs and curl up in my stitching chair and do something productive.  I may even stitch.  But maybe after I max out the points I have right now on Secret Society.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon!
    My bosses said they knew I was sick when I not only called out at a very critical time period, but that I actually went into urgent care. But after the fever broke and I was awake, I was at home for four days with “nothing to do.” Just so unhappy with the idleness and lack of productivity – so I totally get you, but just think, you’ll be all the better for the rest and back and ready to roar soon 🙂


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