Wipocalypse Check-In – Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

Seems odd to be writing an introduction when I’ve been blogging for over a decade (okay so the tblog stuff is gone so the first 3 years are missing in the archive).  But what the hey, some of you haven’t been around that long and although there is an about Stasha page on here, I haven’t looked at it in years and it probably needs to be updated.

Just so you know, I’m Stasha.  It’s a nickname I picked up in college while playing D&D and it stuck.  More people know me as Stasha than by the name my mother gave me. I’ve been stitching since I was 8 and I’ve been active online since 2000.  I’ve been active on the TWBB until Facebook came around.  I still visit some of the Yuku boards but the communities are smaller and not so close.

I have a lot of stitching projects and some quilting projects in progress.  The goal for the last few years is to pare down the WIP list from 36 to around 10 or fewer.  I managed to cut 4 from it last year.  I would be happy to pare a few more off it this year.  Some of my older WIPs are designs by Teresa Wentzler and Carla over at Scéal Teach is doing a year of TW stitching and it sounded like a great idea so my rotation this year is planned around my TW pieces with a break from confetti stitching with interruptions by either Mirabilia’s, Needlepoint pieces, or things that aren’t confetti and will be a break from the detail;

The initial plan is to start with Wendy’s TWRR that has been sitting around my house for 6 months.  Then back to Tide Pools and on to Fruit Bell Pull which will be rotated with Mirabilia’s Autumn Queen.  After Fruit Bell Pull, it’s back to the Carousel with Summer, then Fall and Spring, following that is Dragon Ride and Fortunate Traveller.  The pieces to rotate around those are Blackwork Dragon, any of my Quilting WIPs, and anything else that is out on the WIP list.  I may even start a few new things like some of my other seasonal queens or the carousel’s which I have kitted up.  But the rule is at least 2 finishes for every start.

This year hasn’t started very well though.  It’s the 12th and I haven’t even set my first stitches for the year. Part of it is being sick, it’s easy to miscount a TW when you’re not well. But it will come, the medication ends tomorrow and then it’s back to the real world.

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  1. Stasha, I remember you from the TWBB and other stitching related Yuku BBs. Sorry you started out the new year with illness but hopefully you have gotten it out of the way for the year. as I remember your work was always beautiful. I have at least one TW WIP in common with you, Dragon Ride. I also have Wedding Sampler, Story Teller, and the 12 days of Christmas on my WIP list. I hope to complete at least two TW’s this year. I love the finished product but they are time consuming. I look forward to seeing your updates during the year.


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