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  1. Holy moly – this brings back serious memories! LOL Did you know the hotel we stayed at in Vegas no longer exists? Kinda sad… 😦

  2. I’m with you. I wish we could get more people to visit the TWBB. I loved it there when there. It was easy to get any info you wanted about any of TW’s designs. When Teresa announced her retirement and Blogs became big the number of people visiting went down greatly and then Facebook came along and drew even more people away. We only have so much time to hang out online if we are going to stitch all those TWs and other designs in our lifetime. I have started stopping by several times a week. Often you and Jen are the only people who have posted. Can we create a button to but on our Blogs to promote the year of TW and link it to the TWBB? I don’t know how to make one do you?

    • Carla created one. If you click the link to her blog – you’ll see it. Ask her if you can use it. Also, please volunteer to be interviewed.

  3. Thank you so much for doing the interview, The year of TW is a small group that is having a lot of fun, and meeting other stitchers is becoming a great aspect of it. I’m now off to check the TWBB.

  4. Wow, it’s really impressive how many of the patterns you already have done – this coming from someone still struggling with her first TW =) Thanks for the interview, it was a real inspiration. I visited the TWBB at some occasions, but thought it was mostly dead so I didn’t bother posting yet :/ Maybe I should change that soon!

  5. An awesome interview – thanks so much for doing this
    Having just received TP in the post I can see how it is considered to be one of the more difficult pieces… the list of threads is scary!


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