Wednesday WIP report

Well if I needed more confirmation that my attention span on any piece will not exceed 10 hours, I got it.  I was really enjoying working on my TW Fruit Bellpull and I had decided to swap the plum and pear blocks.  I finished up the Apple block and started working on the plums and suddenly, I didn’t love it anymore.  I didn’t want to pick it up.  Part of that may have been deciding to start each stitching session with one strand in the border but I’m going with I hit 8.5 hours and started getting bored.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I pushed through for the 10 hours and put it up.  And here is where I am at the end of the Teresa  Wentzler slot for the rotation.TW Fruit Bell Pull 1/28/14

I also got out the stitching stand and put up Kustom Kraft’s Fire and Ice. Did I tell you I have Puppies?  I’ve had to make some adjustments in my stitching.  Thread, scissors and patterns have to be put away out of reach and I’m trying to fix the magnifier which got thoroughly chewed.  I thought I would be safe leaving the stitching stand out…Puppies on the stand

Apparently not!  Pretty sure this was Jach but it could be Bo.   DH sanded it down and sprayed it with the sour apple spray.  We’ll see if that helps protect it.

After my Teresa Wentzler slot is Cross-stitch by other designers.  I’m working on Kustom Krafts Fire and Ice.   I started this during my first try at Guilt Free January – 2003.  The goal for this 10 hour block is to finish page 2 and 3.   Most of 3 is open space so the only problem is counting black.  It’s one of the reasons I love pretty beaded counting pins to hold my place every 10 stitches.  I don’t have any on the picture right now but this is what it looks like after 1.5 hours of stitching and not counting any time for frogging the right side of the ear which I had to pull out since it was one stitch off and pretty noticeable.

Fire and Ice - Jan 2014

So here is to another week of accomplishing much.  I’m counting down to the Olympics and all the stitching time I’ll have as we watch.  I’m hoping to finish up the slot with Fire and Ice and the next is the screaming slot which looks like it will be my Autumn Queen by Mirabilia.

Oh, and I had time to work on my travel piece while waiting for my Daughter by Another Mother to stick me with a needle as part of her phlebotomy class.  So all in all a great week stitching.


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