My First Quilt Retreat…

I haven’t quilted in quite some time.  And Pamela of FrenchKnots posted about a retreat she was doing.  I had just been hired for my new job and it would be after a few paychecks so I felt I could afford the really reasonable rate.  Then I noticed it was Friday and Saturday.  Well, duh, new job!!  No way I could take off.  So I emailed Pam to see if I could get a reduced rate since I would be missing half of the retreat.  I ended up using the amount of the discount to sign up for the hand applique class. Let’s face it, a class always teaches something if you’re willing to learn.  So from there it was anticipation…

Have I mentioned how much I love my job?  This week I wrapped up a bunch of my projects early and during lunch, when asked about weekend plans I mentioned I was going to my first quilt retreat and was hoping to leave a little early so I could drive down to it.  My boss told me to cut out right after lunch.  I said I would after I wrapped up a few things.  So an hour later she pings me and asks why I’m still at my desk.  I said I was tracking down an answer for a question she had, she told me it would wait until Monday and leave.  I love my boss!!

The map on the iPhone got me straight to the retreat and there were treats left over from lunch.  I really  tried to be good and heaped my plate with bell pepper, celery and a flavorful mild salsa. Then I took one of the smallest treats with chocolate on them and my diet went out the window for the weekend.

I had several items I brought to work on but what jumped out of the bag first was my Christmas quilt from way back when.  It took me a little while to figure out where I was on it and to realize that I only had the black bobbin in my machine and hadn’t brought any spares.  That’s when I met Emily of Crazy Old Ladies Quilts who offered me one of hers.

I got myself sorted out and then we made a run for Just Sew in Alpine.  I picked up some nice Christmas prints since I think I’m missing parts of at least one block for my Christmas quilt.  We got back just in time for dinner and the Applique Class…

The main thing I learned in class is that I’ve forgotten a lot and I love white charcoal pencils now.  The teacher also gave me instructions on how to make a sandpaper board which looks easy enough and I have all the supplies in the garage (yes, I have masonite in my garage on a regular basis).

I’ll finish up the rest of the retreat and post pictures later…Now, back to work on my ponies.

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  1. It was so nice meeting you at the retreat. I can’t wait to see your Christmas quilt finished or your wall hanging for that matter. Until next time….

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun, Stasha! And you have a great boss!!

  3. It was so much fun – see you at the next one 🙂


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