Cotillion, first dance tonight.

For the first time in it’s 5 year history the Cottonwood Cotillion has more boys than girls registered for classes. And since I’m running late on pretty much everything in my life (except stitching which is another example of how screwed up my priorities are right now) I didn’t get DS#2 registered until the day before the first class. So we ended up on the waiting list. I was grateful to get the call today that he would be able to come to class.
See all the other children have done the Jon D. Williams Cotillion classes. The lost art of civility is an important skill to teach children despite what the media teaches. It’s because of the uncouth media that I feel it necessary to teach civility to my children. Although I do wonder at the effectiveness since DD doesn’t remember anything from the classes except her white gloves and knowing that she likes to dance with guys who know real dance steps.

Tonight DS#1 enjoyed the experience, there was another lineman from his football team and a girl from his school. He learned Foxtrot and Jitterbug and had a great time. If all he learns is how to start conversations with girls, he’ll be ahead of his older brother – that is if he remembers the skill.

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