Raising at least one right!

So last night DH is excited because Monarch of the Glen is back on the Sunday night PBS schedule (that’s right we don’t have cable TV) he’s watching it realizing that somewhere along the line, he’s missed a season because Archie is gone and Hector’s brother, Donald, has shown up and well there are some definite gaps. As we’re watching DS#1 is camped on the couch because there is something about Hector’s brother that is just hauntingly familiar to him but he can’t put his finger on it. It isn’t until the credits start rolling that he pipes up, rather loudly, “I knew it! Hector’s brother is Dr. Who!” He was right; Tom Baker is playing Hector’s brother Donald. That immediately sent us scrambling to IMDB and we found out that Tom was also in Black Adder, another family favorite which includes a pre-House, Hugh Laurie. I’m just glad to know that DS#1 is well versed in Dr. Who and Star Trek so that we never have a repeat of the embarrassing “Who is Captain Kirk?” episode.

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