An open letter to the woman who tried to pass me this morning

Finally, winter arrived in the form of a snow storm that dumped a good 11 inches at my house. I love the snow, I love sitting inside stitching facing the window watching it fall down outside backlit by my neighbor’s porch light. I like seeing the kids outside with their sleds and watching the beagle try to decide if he’s going to romp over the top or dig his way through. What I don’t like is that everyone forgets how to drive. I slow down to a safe speed. If I’m in a 4×4 truck and going about 50 on the freeway, why should you think that your Honda is safe at a higher speed and since I’m so slow, you try to pass me on the right? No, I didn’t stop when you slid off the embankment. I have 4 wheel drive but it doesn’t mean I can brake any faster in bad weather. In fact, I probably brake slower since I weigh more (want to really discuss mass?) May I also add that I do not have a winch on my truck? That means I do not have the ability or the inclination to try and pull you from the ditch that you drove yourself into by trying to pass me on the right. In fact, considering that you honked at me on the way past, I’m even less inclined to help. But I’m not completely unfeeling; I did see that you were still moving I did pass my son the cell phone and had him call the sheriff’s department. Of course, I suppose that as soon as you hang up your current call, you’ll probably call them too. I did give them your plate number, explained that you passed me on the right and that you were on your cell phone when you went off the highway. I think they put you at the bottom of the list since they have over 100 accidents to take care of this morning. Good luck and have a good day.

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  1. KariA1

     /  February 17, 2006

    I hate how some people drive in the snow! We get that here a lot as well.


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