>Facebook and other time sucks….

>Hear that giant sucking sound…that’s my time going down the drain. I’ve been spending too much time on Facebook this year and based on my posts, it hasn’t been constructive. At the beginning of the year, I eliminated all my games except Treasure Madness and Bejeweled Blitz. Since then, I’ve added Puzzled Hearts which really doesn’t do anything except give me puzzle pieces for pretty pictures.

I can justify the puzzle nature of the mini-games in Treasure Madness as brain strengthening games for the aging mind but the others have no raison d’etre.
Needless to say, I have plenty of excuses for why I haven’t worked on my Carousel Horses, why I haven’t made it to the gym and why my house hasn’t been vacuumed and why my craft room is a mess (honestly, they’re drying after washing, I just haven’t pinned them to the blocking board where ever it is in the room).
And on top of my normal timesucks, I found a weaving class which has pretty time hefty assignments between classes – including finding a pattern for the final project (which I may have done through some eBay purchases and library books.)
So here it is almost 2 am and I’m still not ready for bed and I’m a day behind and just a minute, I have a Cats Eye to pick up on Bejeweled Blitz….
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  1. >Too funny, Stasha! I'm not on Facebook (probably the only person in the universe who isn't) and I don't play games on the computer, but I can find lots of ways to extend my time of the machine, too.


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