I’m going out to play with my friend!

is what my friend Cat said to her daughter as we left today. The look of shock was incredible but was it shock that her mom had friends or shock that mom was taking time to go play with her friends?
We had a wonderful day “playing” today. The whole purpose was to have someone with me on the long drive to Ogden to pick up my framed cranes from Jill Rensel. If I ever need inspiration to work on any of my Works in Process, a trip to Jill’s workroom is definitely high on the list. We were amazed at the work that she had finished and in process. There are some incredible stitchers and some incredible pieces. She has a Mirabilia Petal Fairy there from Australia that is on the most incredible fabric, and there is a Berlin Sampler that is almost a life’s work; it’s absolutely huge! I wish I knew where to get it but it’s absolutely huge and gorgeous and the more I think about it, I think it’s one of the books that I recently gave away.
Anyway, it’s dangerous to follow a trip to Jill’s shop by a visit to Shepherd’s Bush. Cat and I were both in the mood to stitch again but I’m in a challenge that involves buying no new patterns and Cat has always been cautious with her money but we were both a bit reckless and ended up gifting each other since that is legal during a challenge. I gave her the Shepherd’s Bush The Promise and she gave me Be A Witch and The Bent Creek Red Thread Snapper. Okay, so it’s probably more of a grey area but she had seen The Promise being framed at Jill’s shop and she does collect Noah’s Ark stuff…
After Shepherd’s Bush and Needlepoint Joint, we hit Threads of Time where they were having an open house and I found the perfect fabric to finish off the ANG challenge piece as a pillow and the perfect fabric to make a pillow that won’t have any stitching on it but will be a companion to the stitched pillow.
All in all it was a great day playing with my friend.

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