Send in the Clowns…

My uncle Jim was one of the best things to happen to my Aunt Margie. Jim used humor to break up tense situations and made everyone around him feel comfortable. He made my husband feel like he belonged to the family (although at the funeral, people kept asking if DH was part of Jim’s Addiction Recovery group). Jim loved everyone, and told them about it from the homeless man on the street to the women in diamonds at the Art Gala opening.
Just like him, his funeral was full of fun and contained an eclectic group.
The pine casket was perfect and as was stated more than once, the snow storm today was another prank Jim arranged to perfection.
Jim used to send “rubber b’s” in fun to the kids he knew on his route so it was perfect that after the flowers were placed on the casket, everyone flipped rubber bands toward it and into the vault.
My son says he will miss the fighting they did over their names everytime they met.
(The ending compromise was one got the nickname and one got the full name).

A great obituary for a funny man

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  1. Shannon L.

     /  April 18, 2006

    Your Uncle Jim sounds like he was quite the man ! And one that made each life better for knowing him. Thanks for sharing. {{hugs}}


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