Organization and preparation…

Sunday I taught a lesson on organization and self reliance. Now the self reliance part I know I’m more than qualified to teach but the organization part, well that’s one of the reasons that I’m participating in the Life Change Mini Challenge. I got thinking about the best way to teach the concept and I remembered a Catherine Aird quote, “If you can’t be a good example, you’ll just have to be a horrible warning.” I came rushing into the class late, apologizing that I forgot to get a substitute for my regular library job. I then started unloading my stuff from 2 of my daughter’s bags. One said “Bag of Holding,” I started pulling out books, a floral arrangement, and handouts. One of the younger women said that it reminded her of Mary Poppins. Then I went to the other bag. It read “Bag of Devouring” I said, “I know my notes are in here somewhere. The first item I pulled out was a towel that read “Don’t Panic!” I pinned it to the bulletin board with tacks from a sub-pocket of the holding bag. I went back to digging. I pulled out a credit card statement – “Oh shoot, I should have paid this Friday, now I’ll have a $30 late fee.” my cell phone – “ Maybe I can reach DH and see if he has the notes, oh, dead battery”, another bill – “Uh-oh this one went to collections”, a day planner – “This would help if I ever got it out to write in it” and I showed everyone the blank pages, then I pulled out my notes along with a sign for the board that read, “Organize yourselves, prepare every needful thing.” At that point, everyone laughed and I asked how many others had a “Bag of Devouring” and a “Bag of Holding.” Devouring is all the things you’ve misplaced and Holding is all the things you’ve put off for “Someday.” The rest of the lesson went pretty well from there, I had even been organized enough to pass out quotes and scriptures for people to read.

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  1. JudySC

     /  January 25, 2006

    Sounds like an excellent lesson plan – and creative! I wasn’t even there and I’ll be thinking twice about putting things in my bag that seems to be a horrifying combination of both devouring and holding. Thanks for sharing!!


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