My son is a Sandy Stitcher

My son joined the Utah Quilt Guild last night. When I got home from work, he loaded 2 sewing machines in my truck and said, “Hurry, we’re already late.” At the meeting, he went to town on the class project (Mile a minute quilting). By the end of class, he had completed 2 strips and picked up on how the system works. He wants to quilt on his break from school this weekend. At the end of class, he had been such a hit again that the teacher gave him all the scraps and strips that she had brought for samples. So again, he leaves class with more fabric. I think I’m going to make him keep his own stash away from mine. He wants to start his fat quarter quilt this weekend. I suggested that he finish the quilt that he started at the guild meeting first. He just looked at me, disgusted, and said, “The queen of unfinished projects is asking me to do one at a time?” Okay, round one to him.
I just worry about him becoming too overwhelmed with the fat quarter quilt, his strip quilt and the guild contest quilt. I forgot to mention that didn’t I? The reason that my son joined the quilt guild is so that he could enter the annual challenge contest. The challenge is either a Drunkard’s Path or a quilt or wall hanging using ½ square triangles. I have an idea for my quilt but I have at least one or two projects to complete first.

My husband pointed out that what my son is learning is not quilting but how to wrap women around his finger.

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  1. Onilyn

     /  January 16, 2006

    That is so cool. I’m glad he’s enjoying it and having fun.


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