My first day on Phentermine

9:00 arrive at work – eat breakfast of yogurt and granola
10:00 go to water fountain fill 44 oz cup
10:15 get back at desk with 3 new projects garnered between water fountain and desk.
10:26 – finally get to take the pill after finishing with a phone call.
11:48 – I’m so tired, can I just take a nap for lunch? I have to admit the thought of food is nauseating
12:06 – I’m out of water, how did I get out of water this fast? Probably comes from trying to get rid of the metallic taste in my mouth.
12:15 – stopped at the bathroom line on the way back from the water cooler.
1:03 – back to the bathroom – only 1/3 done with the 44 oz cup though.
1:26 – Lunch with DH, put all but 3 bites of lunch in the take home container, drank 4 Diet Cokes, 3 glasses of water, and hit the restroom 2x.
2:32 – Time to hit the restroom again.
2:42 – Either I’m having hot flashes or my body is expelling the excess water through sweat glands since my bladder can’t handle it all.
3:04 – Can’t believe the water glass is empty again.
3:07 – Okay, definitely need more water; will hit the facilities on the way to the water cooler though.
3:12 – Bless the person who left the container of Crystal Light on the water cooler. You don’t think they’re having the same reaction I am do you?
3:45 – Time to hit the restroom again.
4:37 – Feel like I’ve spent all day in the restroom, and despite the antiperspirant, under my arms is a lake absorbed by clothing. It wouldn’t be a problem if my office wasn’t a refrigerator.
5:20 – My cup is empty again. There isn’t enough time between now and time to leave for me to drain another. I can live with dry mouth for a few minutes.
5:30 – No I can’t.
5:48 – Please only 10 more minutes, I can’t believe I’ll spend my clean up time in the WC.

They say that the first 5 pounds lost of any diet is water. I’ll definitely believe that today.
Now for those who say that I’m nuts for taking this drug, the damage that the weight is doing is worse than any side effects that may or may not occur. I’m only on it for 4 weeks and I have to check in with my doctor weekly for EKG’s and weigh ins.

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  1. Nicole

     /  September 27, 2005

    You can do it Stasha! It’s hard, I know… but you can do it! Tom started back on WW yesterday in an effort to lose about 20 more lbs. I am so excited to hear about your progress as it goes along!


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