What do you like to do with a lazy day

Two thoughts immediately come to mind.  If money were no object and the lazy day was actually a weekend, I would travel.  I have a goal to ride the Carson County Carousel some summer.  I would like hubby to see Maui or some place on Hawaii other than the military bases.  If it were summer, Yellowstone would be a great weekend runaway.
Given the current state of life, however, the other thought is a lazy weekend existing of sleeping in, a drive to the mountains or out to the desert with a camera; window shopping at a craft store or the mall.  Stitching or quilting may occur and possibly video games like Katamari, Kingdom Hearts, and silly ones on the laptop or tablet.
I’m lucky in having many lazy weekends, probably more than I should take. If I look around the house, many projects could be done if I put in more effort. Cleaning, simple inexpensive repairs, even some DIY upgrades could be done if I got up early on a weekend and worked the way I remember my father doing. My yard would look fantastic if I spent even 30 minutes a day on it.
This begs the question, at what point do you take a lazy day without feeling guilt for things undone.  Could you do more toward your goals if non-essential things didn’t worm their way into your life? Would you want to do more than you do now?
I would love to hear your answer to the topic and resulting questions.  If you blog, post a link in the comments.  If you don’t blog feel free to answer in the comments.

Have you thought about a personal history?

I’ve been feeling like I should write more.  I used to write quite frequently (according to my archives). In an attempt to find more topics, I found a great little books of writing prompts.  Looking through them, not only may they be interesting but they could provide a way to leave a personal history for my children and grandchildren.
I know that many of my ancestors kept journals and I’m not sure what happened to them but sometimes I wish I had access to them just to know what life was like in that day.  What did they think about?  I have a few stories that I asked my grandmother and great grandmother but as I get older, the questions change and they aren’t  around to ask.

I’ve been told that one of my great grandmothers journals was mainly to do lists and grocery lists and budgets.  That still would be an interesting look at her life and a historical record.  So often we think that what the future wants to know about is the exciting things that happen but not all of life is exciting.  So much of life is what happens between adventures.

So how do you live between the adventures and with whom do you share that information?

Wipocalypse Check-In – Stuck in a rut?

February Topic: How do you overcome that feeling that you’re in a rut with a particular project?

Wait, you’re supposed to overcome that rut feeling? You mean you don’t just say, okay, time to move to the next project in the rotation and put that one back in storage?

Eventually though that time comes when that not so fun project comes back up in the rotation. That’s when that feeling of dread comes into play.  I can slog through 5 to 10 hours on any project doing 2 threads a night.  What I do in those situations is find something I really want to work on an promise myself, I can work on the fun project after I finish 2 threads on the boring project.   It’s that same principle of “you can have your pudding after you eat your meat.”  The thing is though that often, the 2 threads turn into more and, in some cases, I may even fall back in love with the dreaded piece.

The next analysis comes with why did I fall out of love with the piece. Sometimes a piece gets put up because I made a mistake and can’t find where it is and I start thinking if I let it sit then I’ll find it the next time I pick it up. Yeah, unless I leave a note, I forget that I put it up needing frogging and I’ll start stitching and have even more to frog.
Another reason for falling out of love is boredom. I don’t really like doing large blocks of the same color. Doing those large blocks is good for gauging if my tension is correct. However on the other end, too much confetti gets boring too. The bests designs have a mix of confetti and large color blocks.
On some occasions, I can no longer remember where I plan to hang the finished piece, or I have a falling out with the person to whom I was gifting the finished piece. I know that’s the case with “O Christmas Tree.” The person who chose it, called a silk and linen ornament “kitschy” not realizing the time and money I spent making it. Since then, I haven’t stitched anything for her.
Sometimes, I’m getting too close to finishing a piece and completion anxiety sets in. See I spend so much time with my pieces that they become friends and it’s hard to let them go. Those are cases where I just need to power through it and think about how lovely they will be completely finished. Knowing how they will be finished and visualizing them in their final space helps with that.

So why do you stop working on pieces?

January wrap up

So the month is over and I spent more time playing video games than stitching.  But I did make progress.  The goal was to finish the TWRR and get it mailed back.  It didn’t happen but I’m over half done.


There is still some back stitching to do on the left side and then it’s  just a matter of mirroring it on the other side.  I also did a little work on the Dr.Who quilt.


Eve’s signature is almost finished. Colin’s is started and after last weekend, I have Karen’s and Billie’s to stitch.  I think I’m done with the collection now.  Unless I could get Eccleston.

So going into February -goal is to finish the TWRR and either work on the Fruit Bellpull or Tidepools.

Stitch from Stash report

Wow! It’s already past the 20th of the month and time to report on my spending and stitching for the month. I spent the first half of the month sick with the flu but before I got sick, I bought 3 skeins of DMC and a spool of Krenik.

Spent: $2.58
Earned: $0

This year, stash money can be earned from the budget by finishing projects. I don’t have any finishes yet but I’m getting close to finishing Wendy’s TWRR. I started this about a week ago and hope to finish it by the end of the month. Here’s the progress so far.


Don’t know why this is bothering me…

A friend of mine recently had this comment posted in response to a post she published on Facebook.

“Im sorry, I use facebook for healthy social interaction with friends and family. I didnt realize it was a complaint forum. Vent elsewhere please dear.”

What kind of gall does one have in order to tell someone else how to use Facebook?  And if we start dissecting the comment, the first thing that strikes me is “healthy social interaction with friends and family.”  How is posting a mean comment like this a “healthy social interaction?”  And if this is a “healthy social interaction,” how dysfunctional is your family? 
Next let’s look at the grammar. I have a new tablet which is still learning my typing and word style, yet I can still use punctuation; although it wants to put random ms in my sentences.
Third, let’s  talk about the forum.  This was posted in response to a public post on Facebook. If you don’t want to see something, in the right corner of each post is an option to hide it.

Wait, it just hit me: was the poster apologizing for using Facebook the way she does? If so, why include the other two sentences?

I don’t really know why I can’t let this go.  After all, it has nothing to do with me, really.  It was just a comment on someone’s Facebook post which appeared on my feed. Originally I was offended by the sheer rudeness.  And I’m still offended.  Hopefully, posting this will get it out of my head.

The other things I do

Looking at my blog it seems that all I do is stitch.  However, I do enjoy reading as well and this year Annette posted a reading challenge which sounded good.  I added two additional books to it and you can see my progress on it on the reading challenge page.  I also like friends on Goodreads.com – I’m easy to find, there aren’t  many Stashas out there.
One of the challenges is to read a book by an author with your same initials.  I found M. Susan Burns – her book is Preventing Reading disorders in young children.  Considering there are dyslexics in this household, that would have been useful years ago but it’s never to late to learn where I messed up and prevent it with future generations.
The new year is already 1/24th over.  How have you improved?
My excuse is I’ve been sick. What’s yours?

Wednesday WIP – Quality floss issues

So here is where I am after two days of stitching and all I can say is “When did DMC floss become such garbage?”

When the 1996 color change happened I dumped most of my DMC floss and switched to Anchor or when I could afford it I used silk.  This means that most of my WIPs are Anchor or silk.  However, I was feeling lazy and didn’t feel like doing the conversion for a single band of a Teresa Wentzler border so I pulled out some of the new DMC I’ve been picking up on sale and went out and bought 3 skeins for colors I didn’t have.

So in just 4 hours of stitching this stuff has tangled, untwisted, separated and just been plain nasty to work with.  All I can think is has the quality slipped or was it always this nasty?  If this is the norm for DMC then I’ll be staying with Anchor and anyone interested in buying a full set of DMC floss from me can leave a message.

Wipocalypse Check-In – Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

Seems odd to be writing an introduction when I’ve been blogging for over a decade (okay so the tblog stuff is gone so the first 3 years are missing in the archive).  But what the hey, some of you haven’t been around that long and although there is an about Stasha page on here, I haven’t looked at it in years and it probably needs to be updated.

Just so you know, I’m Stasha.  It’s a nickname I picked up in college while playing D&D and it stuck.  More people know me as Stasha than by the name my mother gave me. I’ve been stitching since I was 8 and I’ve been active online since 2000.  I’ve been active on the TWBB until Facebook came around.  I still visit some of the Yuku boards but the communities are smaller and not so close.

I have a lot of stitching projects and some quilting projects in progress.  The goal for the last few years is to pare down the WIP list from 36 to around 10 or fewer.  I managed to cut 4 from it last year.  I would be happy to pare a few more off it this year.  Some of my older WIPs are designs by Teresa Wentzler and Carla over at Scéal Teach is doing a year of TW stitching and it sounded like a great idea so my rotation this year is planned around my TW pieces with a break from confetti stitching with interruptions by either Mirabilia’s, Needlepoint pieces, or things that aren’t confetti and will be a break from the detail;

The initial plan is to start with Wendy’s TWRR that has been sitting around my house for 6 months.  Then back to Tide Pools and on to Fruit Bell Pull which will be rotated with Mirabilia’s Autumn Queen.  After Fruit Bell Pull, it’s back to the Carousel with Summer, then Fall and Spring, following that is Dragon Ride and Fortunate Traveller.  The pieces to rotate around those are Blackwork Dragon, any of my Quilting WIPs, and anything else that is out on the WIP list.  I may even start a few new things like some of my other seasonal queens or the carousel’s which I have kitted up.  But the rule is at least 2 finishes for every start.

This year hasn’t started very well though.  It’s the 12th and I haven’t even set my first stitches for the year. Part of it is being sick, it’s easy to miscount a TW when you’re not well. But it will come, the medication ends tomorrow and then it’s back to the real world.

Slow start to a new year

Just so you know, it’s been a rough start to the new year.  I’ve been sick enough to actually use my medical insurance and go to the doctor.  It’s also really odd to be in a job where they tell you to go home when you’re sick.  For 30 years it was, “I don’t care how you’re feeling, being sick is a state of mind, get in here and do this report for me.”

One thing I’ve learned though is I make a poor patient.  I don’t like being in bed with nothing to do.  I finished my library books in the first few days.  I probably should have started looking at the 2015 reading challenge and found something on the bookshelves around the house or on the Nook or Kindle which would fit the challenge.  However, I don’t feel like reading.  I would stitch but needles are not allowed in the bedroom. This leaves me with electronic devices.  I have spent too much time on facebook, playing games on the Android tablet, earned up to 300+ stars on Microsoft solitaire and leveled up on 2 hidden picture games. This is totally wasted time.  There is nothing productive about it. Who cares that I’m on level 616 on Pet Rescue Saga or 110 in Candy Crush Soda? I quit playing Candy Crush at level 519 because it just became stupid and it wouldn’t sync when I got the new tablet.  I had a great grandfather who said that playing cards were a waste of a young man’s time because they didn’t lead to anything productive and I can’t help but wonder what he would say about the amount of time I’ve spent online playing games.

Today though, I’m feeling well enough to go downstairs and curl up in my stitching chair and do something productive.  I may even stitch.  But maybe after I max out the points I have right now on Secret Society.


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