Remember that Lost purple ornament?

Remember when I talked about how my Local Needlepoint Shop lost my ornament found it and offered to do the finishing free?

Well all during December and January I call and left messages asking if my ornament were finished and kept hearing that “No, it’s not here.”  Well, in April I went in person to the shop and asked the shop owner if my ornament was ever coming back from the finisher.  She went over to her ornament display and picked it off the tree and said, “Oh it came back in November, I wondered why you didn’t come pick it up.”

I am proud of myself for not screaming at her.  Instead, I used my store credit to get a piece of canvas for a beta stitching project that I’m working on – pictures to follow.

However, I now have no reason to ever set foot in that shop again unless I’m really desperate for a fiber I can’t find anywhere else and it’s during their sporadic business hours.  However, I’ll probably do better asking 123 Stitch if I can’t come over and do an emergency pickup.

Can’t believe it finally happened…

I’ve lost a library book. The good thing is I have 6 weeks to locate it since I can renew it 2 times more before I have to show it to the librarians. I can remember checking it out. I remember putting it in my purse, I don’t remember ever getting it out of my purse to read but it’s not in my purse anymore. It’s not with the pile of receipts that I took out of my purse. It’s not with the pile of other stuff that came out of my purse. I don’t remember which purse I was carrying when I put the book in it.
I’m usually pretty good at finding lost things which want to be found. I once located a friend’s car keys from several states away (they were under the center couch cushion). I think this book is just jealous because I didn’t start reading it the moment it came home from the library. I started something else, and then started a series which had poor writing but a great background story line (and the last installment isn’t available until April). So, I’m sure it’s around – it’s just pouting and will pop out just in time to be returned – like “Proust and the Squid” did.

But, if anyone knows where I put “Shakespeare’s Landlord,” please drop me a line and let me know where it’s hiding.