Some odd statistics

The oldest WIP on my spreadsheet was started by my Grandmother in 1946, assuming that she started it the year the kit was published.

The newest WIP was started 9/24/21 when I needed a new start for a challenge.

I have 3 WIPs started before 2000.

The oldest WIP started after 2000 is Fortunate Traveller started in 2003.

The year with the most WIP starts, five, is 2017 with 2 of those being annual SALs that I fell behind on.

The Largest WIP was started in 2015 and hasn’t seen much love because I signed an agreement not to share pictures on the internet.

The smallest WIP was started 3/1/2020 and should be finished this month now that I have the silk lame I ran out of.

Only one piece is on perforated paper.

Three of the pieces are on Aida

Two are embroidery, one is Blackwork, 3 are needlepoint, the remaining 26 are cross-stitch

Five pieces are over 30% complete, 15 pieces are at 15% or less completion

Two designers have 4 slots each on my WIP list, Teresa Wentzler and Nora Corbett/Mirabilia

I usually put 500 stitches into a new start before moving to another project.

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