New family this year.

Earlier this year, Ancestry helped us find my husband’s father. We have new family and tonight we were invited to a Christmas party. The yard was festive.

And the chicken was at the party but not in party dress.

See my new Aunt Marianne travels with the chicken. Rather the chicken travels and takes Marianne along for the ride.

It reminded me of the woman who comes to FanX with her stuffed Totoro and pays for Totoro to have photo ops with celebrities.

I also saw my first chicken Nativity.

It was a great party with cocoa and cookies and lots of people. It’s really fun having family again on that side.

This week, I’m studying for my AWS practioner exam and trying to get an emergency release out at work. Luckily my holiday preparation is pretty much done just waiting on UPS and FedEx. Thank goodness no more of the packages are coming through OnTrac. I have a really horrible record with them saying they delivered something and it not making it to the house.

However, I feel really bad about telling Target that my movie didn’t arrive on Thursday as OnTrac reported. See the movie is now out of stock so Target gave me a refund Saturday night when I reported the missing item. Guess what arrived from OnTrac Sunday afternoon? Is there any way I can have Target stop processing my refund?

I did find the movie at Barnes and Noble and it’s on order there. I would have cancelled it but it’s already processing so I can’t cancel. I’m not too worried about having 2 copies since the kids are already claiming the spare copy.

Thought for today: Did you ever have a mess up at Christmas ever be a good thing?

Would love to hear your story in the comments

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