The end of the WIPocalypse

So at the beginning of the year, I picked 15 pieces to work on and hopefully complete.  Of the 15 pieces I selected, 7 are completed. One of my selections was two quilt tops, I completed the smaller of the two – Christmas Pinwheel.


Unless I get snowed in this weekend, this will most likely be the final finish of this year.  So I feel safe giving you the stats for this year.  I started the year with 69 pieces on the WIP list. During the year, I split the list into WIPS and FUPPY. WIPs are works in progress; pieces that have been started but not completed.  The Fuppy pile is Finished-Unfinished Project Pieces.  These are pieces that have been finished but are not completed; for example, an ornament, a cross-stitch piece which needs framing, a bell pull which needs hardware added, stuff waiting to go to the framer.  I’m finishing the year at 59 total pieces, 38 WIPs and 21 Fuppies.  Of the Fuppies, 11 are things I could do myself, 10 are just waiting for money to go to the framer or finisher.  I feel better about 38 projects, especially considering that one is the 2nd Christmas quilt which just needs me to sit my butt down in front of a movie or TV show, size the blocks and sew them together, that’s just an afternoon’s work.  Another is some Origami fabric pieces I made in a class with a friend that I was going to put on a Drunkard’s path quilt I’ve been making by hand but I realized the quilt is too big to be a wall hanging so it’s a project on it’s own and I need a new background for the Origami pieces.  I want to pull from stash for that.  It really shouldn’t take long to make a background for the wallhanging.  That would leave me 36 WIPs which would be the perfect number for next year.

The theme for next year is every WIP gets love.  I’ve promised myself at least 5 hours on every piece.  I’m sure there are several which could be finished if I gave them 5 to 10 hours, especially some of the machined quilt tops. If there were 36 items on the WIP list then I would have 2 weeks to complete my 5 hours and if I finished the piece in that 2 week period, I could either move on to the next piece or justify starting something new.

I think I would like to get the WIP pile down to around 20 pieces or less, the problem is after several finishes I like to start something new.  That explains why I only finished 7 items from the WIPocalypse list but I have 42 completed projects for the year.

I have 52 pieces which are fully kitted and ready to start and 32 more that I’m totally in lust with.  That doesn’t even include canvases I own which just need fibers and would stitch up really quick.  It does include quilt tops that I have the fabric and the pattern but have never cut the pieces.  I have been beyond SABLE for years now.  I just hope my eyesight holds out to retirement when I’ll have time to stitch.