September Wipocalypse

So we are close to the end of the year and the goal for this month was 20 hours of stitching on Summer Carousel Horse.  I didn’t reach 20 hours but I did get 10 finished.
Teresa Wentzler Summer Carousel Horse

It doesn’t look like a lot got done but before I started this round there was no tail there and none of the roses down the side existed.

And other things did get finished.

Things haven't been the same

I picked this up as an impulse buy when I went in to check on the status of my order of Splendor 808 for Stars for the New Millennium.  It was a quick stitch – Under three hours and that includes converting from DMC to Anchor.

I also got all the blocks finished and put into rows for C’s Safari Quilt.

I have no choice but to finish this one in October since he leaves on the 31st and he wants to take it with him.  I’m thinking that I’ll get it finished during the next Netflix disk I get.

I also had two new starts.  Yes, the WIPocalypse was supposed to be a year of finishes with no new starts but, well when the EGA chapter that you pay dues to has a project….

You sort of end up working on it. All the stitching is finished. Now I just need to do the finishing part of it.

And Halloween hit and I thought Town of Halloween would be a quick stitch and so far this is what 3 hours looks like.

So for next month, I have Fall Carousel horse up on the stand and we’ll see how far it goes since the goal was finish the first quarter of the entire piece. I really want to get Town of Halloween finished and made into a pillow so Jack and Sally can sit next to it.

Here’s hoping for much stitching time between getting C ready to leave, the project approval process at work and life in general.