What is the Maximum Wage?

I really had no intention of participating in NaNoWriMo this year.  The mage’s from the Smelly Duck hadn’t been out to play in quite awhile and everyone else seemed to be quiet.  In other words, the voices in my head were not talking much.  Then a published friend asked about creating dystopian societies in the near future.  Thank you, Onilyn, I love you too!  

Now I can’t get anyone to shut up!

Lately though, it’s been an economic discussion of the maximum wage.  After all, we have a minimum wage and we keep talking about the fair share that the “rich”  need to pay.  That would presume that at some point there is a maximum wage and anything above that should be seized to support those who did not win at life’s lottery.  

(As we make way for the latest CNN SME to take the stage and begin the lecture)

The Maximum wage took root in the early 21st century when what had been an imperialist superpower approached the tipping point of their government operating costs and discussions of what was “Rich” and what was a fair share became prevalent.  Within a few decades the cap on wages passed without question and Europe opened her doors to the refugees who promised to restore ancient castles and purchased their new titles.  This became an excellent way to refill empty coffers and in a matter of months, the Euro was the stable currency of record.  

However, it was not just the flight of the wealthy who created the economic meltdown.  Cyber specialists, realizing they could easily surpass the maximum annual wage with a single game launch began the Shareware economy in earnest.  Since the government only recognized cash transactions, the exchange of goods and services for cyber and other products became commonplace. When the government attempted to tax obvious transactions, the Gifting Angels took over.  Started by the combination of Google and Netflix programmers, they connected those with a desire to give with those in need and the ability to pay it forward.  The social media webbots and algorithms still stagger the mind.

With the standardization of the underground economy, the primary economic collapse was sure to follow and we’re still amazed that it hasn’t happened yet.  Of course the selling of National Monuments starting with the sale of Clinton’s Grand Staircase to the Indonesian coal interests did delay the inevitable as well as the implementation of the PPACA amendments encouraging expansion of Hospice benefits to those of a certain age without apparent signs of illness and the enforced use of birth control. 

It wasn’t just those above a certain income who took refugee status.  Entrepreneurs and researchers fled for the laboratories and facilities of India and Brazil.  The rise of the corporate university played a large role as well with the Nobel laureate with the doctorate from PetroBras Academe solidifying their legitimacy.

So with this historical background, our show today will ignore the standard political agenda to talk with the last remaining independent artist.   He would like to ask – What is the worth of Art for Art’s sake?  


And that my friends is how to create a dystopian society.  Now can someone please get this new artist to go back to his warehouse garrett and let me go to sleep?