Another Late Wednesday WIP post…


First off for show and tell is my Celtic Steps on 40 count silk gauze.  I thought the penny made a good comparison for the size of the finished piece.

Next is a shot of my decade old WIP that I pulled out this month.  Image

Okay that is odd it shows up with the peaches on top and not sideways in the file before the upload.  I guess this is WordPress’s idea of “helping” me with an odd shaped vertical picture.  Anyway, I’ve made some good progress on the apples block,  I wish I had taken a before picture so you could see the progress but I’ll try and get a WIP picture on Wednesday because I have made progress since this picture was taken.  

I also finished making my Lizzie Kate Halloween piece into a pillow on Saturday but I haven’t taken any pictures of it.  So that was my week in hobbies, how did your week go? 



Pulling out a really old WIP

It’s TWOctober – this means working on one of the numerous Teresa Wentzler patterns I have already started.  For the past several years, it’s been the Carousel Horses but this year, I pulled out Fruit Bellpull.  I’m not sure why.  It’s an ancient piece and I haven’t worked on it for almost a decade (I think the last stitches were in 2004) but there are reasons for that. See back when I cared what my husband’s sister thought and when I was trying to be nice to his family since he was trying to be nice to mine, I agreed to stitch Fruit Bellpull for his sister.  She bought all the supplies with the help of a friend who wouldn’t stitch it for her and gave them to me to work on for her.  She bought Lugana as the fabric.  Well, I don’t stitch on evenweave – I’m a linen girl.  So I would work on it and then rotate it out as soon as I could.

Then came the year after DH’s mother died when his sister could not be bothered to come to the door to get her Christmas gifts and she changed her number without telling us and started sending her bill collectors to our door.  Yeah, gotta love family.  So I put up the bellpull and forgot about it.  Although I did send it out for a round with a UFO exchange.

This year however, it’s been calling to me.  And I’m finding that with my deteriorating sight, evenweave is actually pleasant to work on.  I don’t need the magnifier I can use my reading glasses and see it just fine.  I’ve done quite a bit of work this week. I’ll see if I can find a picture of what it looked like before I started but if not, we’ll just start posting progress pics from where I am now.

And I may have to rethink my opinions on evenweave as a medium.

Wednesday Works in Progress

I felt like I got a lot done this week.  I finished up the 10 hours in the rotation slot for Fire and Ice.


I thought that I would want to keep working on it after the 10 hours was up since I was still in love with it at 7 hours of work but as that 9.5 point drew close, I knew I wanted to be working on something else.

If I actually stick to my rotation the next thing to work on would be putting in five hours on my Stars for a New Millennium.  So I got it out and I’ve put in about 30 minutes on the border and I’m eager to get the border done so I can go back to the fun part.


It doesn’t look like I did much in 30 minutes but I did get across the middle square there.  I also realized why I wasn’t stitching on the Dr. Who quilt and I asked Kerry for her block 12 pattern and added a fez to 11 along with rearranging the block.  Here are the patterns as they wait for the previously traced blocks to have the pattern washed out and get re-used.


With any luck, I’ll actually have some stitching on the final blocks to show next week.  I’ve decided on the final layout and I have some ideas about what I want to do on the border.

And up in the rotation after working on Stars will be 10 hours on Celtic steps which I bought because I had this wild hare that I should do at least on 40 ct canvas project in my life.  I don’t think I’ve done anything on it since I bought it at Nashville CATS when I roomed with Wendy and Suz.


So see you next week, hopefully with some progress.

If I haven’t been to bed, it’s still Wednesday – Right?


Note, all warp threads are through the comb and through the correct (I hope) heddle and all that is left is remembering how to tie it off in back and tighten it up so I can weave.


So this is what Fire and Ice looked like last week, and this is what it looks like this week –


And I really wish I could figure out how to just drag and drop photos without losing the posts but that will be an issue for another day.

Wednesday WIP update

So I finished up the 10 hour slot on Fall Carousel horse which is nice because I’m so ready to work on larger count.  My TW Carousel horses are done on 40 ct linen over 2 so working on them for more than a 10 hour slot is hard on the eyes.


At thirty hours, 33% of the squares on the graph are completed and a few more could be if I put in just a few hours more of backstitching.
Then there is the Dr. Who SAL – the final block was released today and I’ve already transferred it to the fabric ready to stitch. Of course that doesn’t mean much since 11 was traced a week ago and still hasn’t been stitched.


Which leads us to the next issue, now that the rotation slot for Fall Carousel Horse is complete, what comes next, finishing the warp on the loom or working on Fire and Ice?


Here is the loom with only about 40 strands left to put in before I can start weaving. Except I’ve misplaced the pattern but I know which book it’s in so it should be easy to find.


This is Kustom Krafts Fire and Ice which I started in Jan 2003 and have finished the first page but still have 85% of the pattern to stitch. The nice thing is it’s on 28 count fabric which looks huge after the 40 count I’ve been working on. I’ve only put 20 hours into this piece and I haven’t touched it since July of 2004 so it may take a bit to remember where I am and get into the pattern again. It’s a good thing that I have a list of Hitchcock movies I want to see and stitch too.

Wednesday WIP photo- just posted late

Wednesday WIP photo- just posted late

I was really worried about posting the Wednesday WIP this week because I hadn’t worked on any stitching at all during the week. And then I got a Netflix disc in the mail on Wednesday and finished Doctors 8 and 9 and started 10 (released that day) and I’m feeling pretty good about the progress. I do need to take some time and finish making blocks and rows though. I don’t think I’m going to piece the rows together yet because until I see the final border, I’m not sure if I want to have the numbers start from the bottom and go up or from the top and go down. Luckily the border will be released in 3 weeks. I could have this finished by the end of summer 🙂

And the new year starts – A Guilt Free January Fail

Just so you know for the past 2 years, I’ve focused on finishing things I’ve started with maybe one or two small starts for breaks or obligation pieces. The WIP list is under 40 and I’m feeling good about how close to being moved to the FUPPY pile things are getting. With that going on, I thought I could handle a Guilt Free January start, after all, Fire Wings Designs Sentinel has been screaming at me since July (I bought everything to start it at Nashville CATS so that gives some idea to how long I’ve had it).
So I put it up on scroll rods and put in 2 strands and I couldn’t do it anymore. I’m not sure if it’s knowing that I’m starting a medium to large project or working on the scroll rods or something else but, I keep thinking about another piece that is only an hour or two from being completed; including the finishing (I need to go buy some White satin ribbon to keep it from going into the FUPPY pile.)
So maybe I’m finally cured of my completion anxiety?
Or maybe I’m just remembering my last foray into Guilt Free January which resulted in so many of the current WIPs on my list?

Or maybe I’m feeling guilty for having an uncompleted piece that I started as a teenager that has been worked on by 5 generations of the women in my family?

Anyway, we’ll see if moving from scroll rods to bars improves my feelings about the piece.


As we enter that final WIPocalypse month, I’m skipping around the project list and having trouble focusing.  But I did make progress on stuff.  Such as being almost finished with 2 sets of 56 blocks….

November Wipocalypse

Not a pretty picture but I’m going to finish the blocks before I put it away this year.  And then next year, I’ll resize the blocks and sew them together (8 rows of 7 blocks).  The fun part of this quilt is that the corner cut of the large block, makes the pieces of the pinwheel block for the 2nd quilt.

I also started on my Stars of the New Millennium Stitch-a-Long.  Here are Marilyn and Clark:


Yes, I’m ahead of the SAL but these have been so fun to do.  The Very Velvet turned out really nice.  The metallic black looks better in person than it does on the picture.  I’ve been too stressed to lay the border correctly so it’s been waiting.  Once I finish the quilt and my December WIPocalypse piece, I’m going to start on the 3rd block.

My December WIPocalypse piece is coming along nicely but I need a canvas stitch which will fit in a space that is 7 threads by 12 threads. And then a decision on what to do with the final row of stitches and it will be completed.

A few days late for Halloween…

Town of Halloween from Just CrossStitch 2012 Halloween issue

Fabric was a standard from Zweigart purchased at Craft Center
Fibers – Crescent Colours Blackbird (3 cards), Crescent Colours Argyle Socks, Dinky Dyes Gidgee

Started September 1, 2012 and completed 11/3/12.

September Wipocalypse

So we are close to the end of the year and the goal for this month was 20 hours of stitching on Summer Carousel Horse.  I didn’t reach 20 hours but I did get 10 finished.
Teresa Wentzler Summer Carousel Horse

It doesn’t look like a lot got done but before I started this round there was no tail there and none of the roses down the side existed.

And other things did get finished.

Things haven't been the same

I picked this up as an impulse buy when I went in to check on the status of my order of Splendor 808 for Stars for the New Millennium.  It was a quick stitch – Under three hours and that includes converting from DMC to Anchor.

I also got all the blocks finished and put into rows for C’s Safari Quilt.

I have no choice but to finish this one in October since he leaves on the 31st and he wants to take it with him.  I’m thinking that I’ll get it finished during the next Netflix disk I get.

I also had two new starts.  Yes, the WIPocalypse was supposed to be a year of finishes with no new starts but, well when the EGA chapter that you pay dues to has a project….

You sort of end up working on it. All the stitching is finished. Now I just need to do the finishing part of it.

And Halloween hit and I thought Town of Halloween would be a quick stitch and so far this is what 3 hours looks like.

So for next month, I have Fall Carousel horse up on the stand and we’ll see how far it goes since the goal was finish the first quarter of the entire piece. I really want to get Town of Halloween finished and made into a pillow so Jack and Sally can sit next to it.

Here’s hoping for much stitching time between getting C ready to leave, the project approval process at work and life in general.