Stitch from Stash

Stitch from Stash

Stitch from Stash

And here are my existing WIPS which need love this year…


Started sometime before I left home for college so anywhere from 1982 through 1984?

Started sometime before I left home for college so anywhere from 1982 through 1984?


Started around the same time as the Rainbow Unicorn but hasn’t had as much love and attention…



I started this when others in EGA were working on blackwork but I really didn’t like the pastel heart they were doing. Started November 2010.



I belonged to ANG for one year. During that time, Ro Pace came and taught a class, I picked Tide Pools as my piece and not only did I finish the prework, I did quite a bit in class. I even picked up the materials to repeat this piece is purple and yellow and Ro dubbed the color combination Pansy Swirl.


At one point, I wanted to stitch a backside to this dragon in order to do the standup. Now, I think I just want to have him finished and find someone who can finish him as a stand up. At one point, I had to stop because I couldn’t find the same color fiber as the orange I was using but I found it in a shop in San Diego in 2009. I could finish him in about 2 rotation slots if I really tried.


I was lucky enough to score this Peter Ashe Christmas stocking and I know how I want to do the mother’s dress. I’m not sure how I want to stitch the rest of the stocking. I also found it’s difficult to work on a 27 inch frame. I have some frame weights now which should make it easier. Purchased just before his death and started in May 2008.


Here is my Stars for a New Millennium. I was doing well on participating in the SAL but life intervened and I just wasn’t calm enough to lay threads well. So I put it up and I could still finish within the SAL time if I worked on it but I don’t feel that I’ll do it justice at the moment.


I found this little purse kit in my Mama’s sewing room after she passed. All the hardware is there and it would be fun to have it for the symphony or the opera. It just several hours of basket weave which can be quite relaxing.



The Crafters Main Street from Marie Barber at Just CrossStitch started when I first saw it – December 2011


Fire and Ice from Kustom Krafts started in January 2003 – my son would like to see me finish it this year.


Done on a 28 count evenweave – I started this in 1997 for my DH’s sister who doesn’t speak to us anymore. I stopped working on it because at the time I really didn’t like evenweave and since I didn’t know how to find her to give it to her and I didn’t have a place to hang it, what was the point in working on it. I now have a place in my kitchen where I could put it if I finish it.


I bought Sentinel at the Fire Wing Designs booth at Nashville CATS in 2005? not sure the year. It was my Guilt Free January start in 2013 because it just screamed so loud. I did about 4 hours on it and it stopped screaming.


On 40 ct linen, with one strand Anchor floss, I started this in July 2011 as part of my year of Carousel Horses. Of the 3 horses I have left to finish, this one has the most stitches in and is my favorite.


I started Fortunate Traveller in September 2003 after seeing quite a few TW patterns at the Utah state fair. I don’t remember why I stopped working on it.


Teresa Wentzler’s Dragon Rider is one I started for my daughter when I found the perfect fabric to make it into a pillow. Dette graphed the full tail since I’m going to leave the border off the pattern. I stopped working on this when someone on the TW Bulletin Board started complaining about the errata in the pattern. I know I haven’t reached the places where the errata start but I wasn’t in a place to deal with it at the time and I’ve just never picked it back up. Started in July 2000 last worked on in 2004.


When my middle younger sister got married, she picked this pattern for me to stitch as her wedding present. She’s since demonstrated that she doesn’t like hand made gifts and would rather have store bought things. So I haven’t had much motivation to work on it. Also, I stopped working on it after I realized that the original pattern had 2 sides, one with ornaments and one without. I had planned to stitch the side with ornaments but when I made my working copy, I pieced both sides together by accident – this is from the side without ornaments. So what direction do I go now – do I keep doing the plain green and use charms as ornaments or do I start using the ornament side of the pattern now?


Fall Carousel horse was started in February 2010 and is on the same 40 ct linen as the other Carousel horses. This has 33% of the pattern complete.


The Carousel horse with the least completed. It really shows that the border is more work than the horse.


I bought one piece of silk linen to do the Mirabilia Queens. I started Autumn Queen and I have the supplies to start Spring Queen but the other two are just in the I have 2 pieces of serged linen. I’ve been thinking of having a year of Queens when I have finished a few more of my TW pieces.



Back in January 2006 the Yuku board The Wagon started a Stitch Along doing the 63 square afghan pattern. This is as far as I got.

Quilt tops in progress


I started this one impulse and lucked out getting Simon Fisher-Becker to sign one of my blocks. I started piecing the rows and when I went to sew row one and row two together they weren’t the same size. I need to put together row 3 to determine which row is correct. I could finish this in an afternoon.


I have completed 2 sets of Monster blocks, I need to put them together. I’ve put off doing this because I want to use the triangle block scrappy border the original pattern called for. I’ve purchased some Thangles to make doing the border easier. I need to just put in some time on finishing the 2 of these.


This is the project from my very first quilt class. I’ve finished many quilts since I started this one but I haven’t finished this one. It’s an easy strip piecing technique but it requires a lot of moving from one station to the next. Cut – Sew – Iron – repeat. I’ve finished all the zebra blocks but I have 5 other animal prints to do.


When I started the Star Struck Mystery in May 2009, the designer wasn’t sure how the batiks I had chosen would work so I also started one using traditional fabrics. I loved how the batiks turned out so I didn’t finish this one. I need to either finish it or turn the blocks over to my scrap bin and forget about it.


In 2006 I took a Quiltigami class with my friend Cat, I didn’t really like the background for the Quiltigami pieces so I thought I would do a drunkards path since that was the Quilt Guild’s theme for the year. I’ve hand stitched all the pieces but I’m still not happy with how I laid it out. I have some ideas but need to lay it out, finalize it and just do it. And I’m not sure what happened to my quiltigami butterflies.


This is my project basket when I volunteer at This is the Place Heritage Park. I’ve completed one block of the piece and I’m not sure if I should count this as WIP since I do plan to volunteer again this year and will only work on it while working at the park.


So when I belonged to the Quilt Guild that meets at Quilts Etc, we had a class on Stack and Whack Kaleidescope quilts. I cut the pieces and then won the completed blocks the instructor made. I completed the quilt from her blocks and didn’t do anything with the pieces I cut. This has looked just like this since May 2004. My daughter wants the quilt if I finish it.


When my Grandma died, she had two partially finished quilt tops in her sewing room. This is one of them.


This is the other. There is a Good Housekeeping pattern in with it.


So, yeah, no picture because I would have to clean up the area around the loom in the stash room to do that.  At the moment it’s holding fabric up.

So this is where I’m starting the year…

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  1. And the rotation is looking good and close to final… | Just So you Know

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