Wednesday WIP update

So I finished up the 10 hour slot on Fall Carousel horse which is nice because I’m so ready to work on larger count.  My TW Carousel horses are done on 40 ct linen over 2 so working on them for more than a 10 hour slot is hard on the eyes.


At thirty hours, 33% of the squares on the graph are completed and a few more could be if I put in just a few hours more of backstitching.
Then there is the Dr. Who SAL – the final block was released today and I’ve already transferred it to the fabric ready to stitch. Of course that doesn’t mean much since 11 was traced a week ago and still hasn’t been stitched.


Which leads us to the next issue, now that the rotation slot for Fall Carousel Horse is complete, what comes next, finishing the warp on the loom or working on Fire and Ice?


Here is the loom with only about 40 strands left to put in before I can start weaving. Except I’ve misplaced the pattern but I know which book it’s in so it should be easy to find.


This is Kustom Krafts Fire and Ice which I started in Jan 2003 and have finished the first page but still have 85% of the pattern to stitch. The nice thing is it’s on 28 count fabric which looks huge after the 40 count I’ve been working on. I’ve only put 20 hours into this piece and I haven’t touched it since July of 2004 so it may take a bit to remember where I am and get into the pattern again. It’s a good thing that I have a list of Hitchcock movies I want to see and stitch too.

20 years ago right this minute, my mother showed up at the hair salon, informed me that what I was wearing was not appropriate and took me to Nordstrom’s for new clothes. 45 minutes later I escaped and walked to my friend’s apartment where I had stored my wedding dress and walked from there to the temple for the ceremony. Cathy who was dating my husband’s best friend helped me dress for the ceremony. Heaven only knows where my mother was at during the time I was supposed to be getting ready. Probably still at Nordstrom’s. We had planned a ring ceremony to be done on the temple grounds so that DH’s mother could be part of the ceremony but my mother quashed that because she was worried about how long the photographer had been waiting for us.

Needless to say, even though it’s been 20 years, it seems like just yesterday. It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun. I’m just so glad that I have more than this lifetime to look forward to with the wonderful man that I married. Our vows were not “as long as you both shall live” they were “for this life and throughout all eternity.” It’s such a comforting thought to know that in the life to come, I will have the comfort and companionship of the man I consider my best friend, my conscience, my confident, and my only lover. It’s only been a moment and I’m looking forward to every day with him throughout time and beyond it.