Stupid things I’ve heard in the media over the last few days…

1. You mean the gun fired every time he pulled the trigger?
That means it was a semi-automatic, he couldn’t just hold the trigger down to fire, each round must be fired separately. What did you want, a gun that only fires at random intervals?

2. Why wasn’t the school locked down as soon as the first two students were found?
Did they really know at that point that it wasn’t a murder suicide, but then wouldn’t the first thing you look for be the suicide weapon?

3. We should make psychological profiling a requirement for college admission.
That is just so wrong. It opens the door for banning anyone who doesn’t have the same political affiliation as the university, it makes applying to college cost prohibitive and we’ll be back to only the rich and connected being able to get a higher education.

4. This wouldn’t have occurred if guns were banned.
Funny, I thought guns were banned on campus. Cho didn’t follow the rules though, most criminals don’t follow them. If he hadn’t been able to get a gun, he would have found something to use to create havoc.

5. He was picked on in high school because of a speech impediment and because of his shyness. That and other traits he had fit the profile of the typical school shooter.
WTF!!! We have a “typical school shooter” profile. Many kids are picked on in high school and they don’t turn into nutcases. Not to mention if he came to the US in 1992 that was long before the 23 year old was in high school. But we’re supposed to blame high school bullying for his going snap and for his hatred of rich kids? Why don’t we blame the media for continually pitting the rich and the poor in politics for Cho’s views.

6. Was he a Republican or a Democrat?
Does that really matter? What difference would it make, are you going to start banning kids of that political affiliation from college?

7. The showing of the suicide tape with commentary comparing him to Rambo.
This is just too stupid to even comment on.

Even if he had a high capacity magazine and hit a person fatally with every single round, he had to re-load at least three times. That would have given a concealed carry holder at least three times to safely eliminate the threat. But Virginia Tech doesn’t allow legal permit holding Concealed Carry holders to carry on campus.

Edited to add:
Heard over the weekend:

After the handgun ban in England, overall gun violence has increased but there have been no more school shootings.

Wait, after the handgun ban gun violence INCREASED? I thought gun bans were the cure to violence not the instigator of even more violence.