The Stitching Year in Review (a few weeks early)

This year was supposed to be a year of every WIP gets love. Well it didn’t happen because I fell in love with some of my older WIPs and life happened. Zions disbanded my department and I had to find a new job. I did end up as a government statistic since I did file an unemployment claim but I found my job with NCR and started before I reached the end of my waiting period – so no sucking at the government teat for me this year…
And if that didn’t throw me off my stitching stride, I got sucked into Candy Crush Saga. I’m on Level 451 and I haven’t paid anything to move up. I’ve also completed all the available levels for the Opus Owl saga stuff too. And now I’ve added pet rescue and I’m stuck on level 42.

I did get some stitching done this year though…most of it was blocks for my Dr. Who quilt. I made a quilt for my cousin’s son Roman, I stitched a beta test piece for Napa Needlework and Lizzie Kate’s “If the Broom Fits.” But new starts weren’t the only things I did. I completed a couple of my older pieces – Celtic Steps from the Nashville CATS show, quilting the Christmas stocking piece from when I took a quilt of the month course one year, and I finished the instructions for the Pink and Teal Nine Patch quilt that I started in 2009.

But the goal was to work on older pieces and it sounds like all I did was the new starts. However, I did work on my Blackwork Dragon (started Nov 2010), Fire and Ice (Jan 2003), Autumn Carousel Horse (Feb 2010), and I’ve spent quite a bit of time on my Fruit Bellpull. I’ve almost completed the apple block which had seen any work since maybe 2000? I started it in 1997 and the last time I remember working on it, I was in Montoursville, PA. I think I sent it out as part of a UFO round robin but that would have been prior to 2005. Anyway, I have really enjoyed working on it and want to finish up the Apples block before putting it away.

I was thinking about keeping with the Every WIP gets love list but I want to pull everything out and take a before picture at the start of the year so I know exactly where I’m at when I start to work on them. On top of that and to help motivate me, I found the Epic Stitching: Stitch from Stash group. Now I know I’m a binge shopper and can go for months without buying anything and then I’ll blow more money than I should. I like the idea of having a limit for the year and having to build up to what I spend. Besides, I should have everything I need to finish up my WIPS.


This should work as a button to take you to the link for the contest for the year. I have to admit that right now, I’m trying to hunt down the stuff to make the Victoria Sampler Gingerbread Cupcake but if I don’t find it soon, I’m going to give up and put it on the wish list for when the leaflet and the embellishment pack come out in the fall.

Let’s face it with 35 WIPS and 30 Fuppys (finished unfinished projects), I’m still at over 60 projects to complete (8 of those are quilt tops that need to be quilted and 5 of them are Olympic pieces where I wanted to find round frames in the colors of the Olympic rings.)

So coming up before the new year, I would like to post pictures of the 35 WIP’s and the 2 starts from Lizzie Kate which I want to have framed by next Christmas. If I’m lucky, I may even finish something before the new year starts.

Where has your stitching been?

Where has the stitching been? Well at the last EGA meeting we learned how to make Granny Squares and I’ve been working on this ever since: