No WIP updates this week…

Yep, there is no WIP update this week. Mainly because I was having Mommy Angst with the Last First Day of School. Yes, my baby started his senior year of school and I’m having those – How did he grow up so fast? He was so tiny (my runt at 8′ 3″)? Where did the time go? How did I get this old? And the realization I never made him a baby sampler!
Unlike the other kids though, he got his own baby quilt which is now boxed away since it’s nothing but 2 pieces of worn out fabric. The stuffing is gone and when held up the once heavy cotton is now sheer.
He was about 8 when he agreed to box it up to save for later. We may take it out of the box when he goes away to college next year. At least, he’s asked if we can or could he at least take the box to school?

Snow like I remember….

When I was younger, this is what a snowstorm looked like. And no, schools do not close for snow like this. It’s Utah, we love this stuff, it boosts the economy and keeps the skier’s coming here and it’s what makes us a great candidate for a 2nd Winter Olympics.  The walks had been cleared in the morning but the birdbath hadn’t been touched if you would like to use that as a gauge.

When I was small, we would make snow forts and snow caves and get soaking wet and cold even with the mittens and hats.  Yes, our mothers sent us outside and they didn’t come with us.  Except maybe that one mom who made snowballs for us to throw at each other. That’s right, we considered other children targets and knew that we were targets too.  It was considered healthy to have a little competition.  None of us would have stood for bullying and everyone got their fair share of hunting and being hunted.

I’m just sorry that my kids are too old to build snow forts now that we have a decent snowfall.

Quilt top done – need opinions on the backing fabric

So that quilt top I’ve been trying to finish since September – it’s done.   I thought I had it finished last week but then I tried it on the boy and it didn’t cover his head when tucked around his feet so we had to add an additional border.  Now the decision – this is his bedding in the Philippines so we aren’t putting any batting in but what do we use for the backing?

The choices are

1. Minkee – kind of thick but really soft.  It will make the quilt weigh 5 pounds.

2. Flannel – Still soft and doesn’t weigh as much as the minkee but will have at least 3 seams to make it large enough.

3. A 250 count Egyptian cotton queen sheet – not soft but no seams.

I’m leaning toward the cotton sheet, because it would make it really easy to wash and dry and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything unravelling.

Oh, you probably want to see it – huh?