The First Mirabilia I ever Saw

Mother’s Arms by Mirabilia

The first Mirabilia lady I ever saw was Mother’s Arms. There was something about it that I fell in love with immediately.

In 1995, 8.50 was a lot to pay for a cross stitch pattern but I did it anyway. And then I stitched Scent of Old Roses instead.

And then so many other of Nora’s ladies and pixies, the latest being Tiger Lily

Every now and then, I would pull Mother’s Arms out of the filing cabinet and gaze longingly at it because I still love it. Then, last year, I pulled all the fibers for it. It moved from the filing cabinet into a project bag and found space on the kitted but not started shelf.

And then finally, this year, for my birthday start, I pulled it out and started it.

Now, if I can just remember where I put the beads for it, since they aren’t in the project bag.

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