Some statistics for 2021

Total number of stitches for the year 109,358 this is short 10,642 from the goal of 120,000.

Number of projects worked on 44

Number of WIPs on 1/1/2021 – 30

Number of projects completed – 17

Number of WIPs on 12/31/2021 – 28

Average stitches per Day – 300

Median number of stitches per day – TBD

All but 2 of the projects had at least 3% progress completed during the year. Of those 2 – one had 2 page completions the other had 1% completed.

Lowest stitching month – June 6355 stitches average 212 per day

Highest stitching month – November 12,243 stitches average 408 per day.

2 projects were re-homed during the year

No correlation exists between number of projects worked on during the month and the number of stitches. Average number of projects worked on in the month is 13, median is 11

Month with the most projects finished – September which also correlates with the Semi Sane Stitchers Domino challenge.

November’s highest monthly amount corresponds with an event in Ultimate stitches where I really pushed myself to get the high numbers and with figuring out that at my current stitching speed, it would take over 10 years to finish all my WIPs

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