Looks can be deceiving

I’m getting started on my annual inventory.  I decided to start with cataloguing my Works in Progress (WIP). When I looked at the shelf, it seems pretty daunting; six cubicles, 4 crammed full.  Yet as I started really looking at what was there, most of them are kitted but not started yet.  Only 15 of the cross-stitch projects in the full shelf have been worked on by me. 

Several of the WIPs are ones I inherited and have not put in any stitches. I’m counting them as fully kitted and ready to start.  By the way, that count for cross-stitch is forty projects (Bewitching Pixies and Flower Pixies were grouped as 2 instead of actual numbers). 

There are only three embroidery projects started and 10 quilt tops. Five needlepoint canvases are going although 3 more reside on the shelves. I did find the silk for Tiger Lily’s skin, in with Raven Queen. So many beautiful things waiting for me to work on them.

So why am I looking at 3 mystery stitch a longs and trying to figure out how to fund them and stay within budget?

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