A month of Being

What would a month of just being look like to you?
Just so you know, several things have converged and given me some ideas which are crystallizing.  I started a Year to Clear and have been following the facebook group, someone mentioned that since they started clearing and just focusing on being good things have been happening such as finding a flat in their price range in a seaside town where they always dreamed of living.  

Another thing is that Paul Blanchard offered an incredible deal on the Og Mandino group Power coaching sessions which I signed up for and I re-read Greatest Salesman and Greatest Miracle again. 

I volunteered at DevOps days and gave a workshop on the power of using Kanban with WIP limits to accomplish projects and I finally read The Phoenix Project. Like others on the DevOps board, it rocked my world and the paradigm has shifted.

Through the ComicCon Fitness Challenge, I met Dr. Sarah and was introduced to Geek Parenting Podcast. 

If you don’t see the relation of these items, it’s okay.  I see it, but it’s brought me to a realization.  I need to take a month and just BE.  No grand plans, no actions, no anticipation.  I need to evaluate and focus on the state of me and learn to BE. To focus on the moment. To reflect and not act. 


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