Stitch from Stash February check in.

So business first
Total spent: 16.99
Total earned: 2.00
Total for month: 14.99


I finished my band for Wendy’s  TWRR.  I also finished a baby quilt but forgot to take a picture of it. I know this band doesn’t  seem like a lot of work but it was a good start to kick off a year of stitching Teresa Wentzler projects.  Up next is Fruit Bellpull.  I’m working on the plums and then I have the pears and the cherries to finish.  If I put up the video games, I’ll have more stitching time.  In the long run, my kids will remember the things I made and not my high scores.

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  1. Very nice selection and beautifully stitched. I was pleasantly surprised to see the band I stitched on it back in 2006 in the picture.

  2. your band is so beautiful! prepare yourself with pictures of your bellpull please!!


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