Have you thought about a personal history?

I’ve been feeling like I should write more.  I used to write quite frequently (according to my archives). In an attempt to find more topics, I found a great little books of writing prompts.  Looking through them, not only may they be interesting but they could provide a way to leave a personal history for my children and grandchildren.
I know that many of my ancestors kept journals and I’m not sure what happened to them but sometimes I wish I had access to them just to know what life was like in that day.  What did they think about?  I have a few stories that I asked my grandmother and great grandmother but as I get older, the questions change and they aren’t  around to ask.

I’ve been told that one of my great grandmothers journals was mainly to do lists and grocery lists and budgets.  That still would be an interesting look at her life and a historical record.  So often we think that what the future wants to know about is the exciting things that happen but not all of life is exciting.  So much of life is what happens between adventures.

So how do you live between the adventures and with whom do you share that information?

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  1. I agree that leaving a history for our children is important. For Christmas I gave my daughter my personal cookbook that I compiled over the last 50 years. She will recognize some of the dishes from what I cooked while she was growing up but there are recipes in there handed down from her grandparents and great aunt as well. The ingredients change and it shows a progression of my different interests in cooking and baking over the years. I have started to compile my empty nester’s cookbook now, which she will eventually inherit.
    I hope you find a way of recording and preserving the richness of your life for your children that will help answer their questions.

  2. I have thought of doing that very thing, but I’m not sure how to begin the life history. When I figure it out though…being a creative writer makes it even more difficult since I want to embellish with sarcasm and witty explanations, but the truth would be lost in there somewhere. For now, I do tell long winded and boring stories that my daughter loves, but my sons are less than thrilled…hahahaha!


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