WIPocalypse report for July – Do you plan for Christmas in July?

I don’t have much in the way of progress to show this month.   I worked FantasyCon, had my high school reunion, hosted our annual Dutch Oven pot luck dinner.  This didn’t leave much time for hobby work.  I started the Tolkien quilt from my stash but I haven’t worked on much else hobby-wise.

You can see the work here.

So on to the question: Do you plan for Christmas in July?

Not really.  July is when I start hankering for Halloween designs.  I used to use July for Christmas ornaments but I don’t stitch for gifts anymore.  Too many people don’t appreciate the work that goes into stitching.  I only stitch for people who do hand work and understand the amount of time and money that go into such a gift.  I don’t ever want to be in a situation again where someone calls a gift that I’ve put 40 hours and $80 into – “that kitschy stuff she gives us.”

So no, I don’t do Christmas in July although I do like the Christmas in July sales. Picture this Plus is having their annual sale this week.  I keep eying the witches from Nora Corbett and this would be the perfect way to get matching fabric for the 4 that have been released.

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