FantasyCon fitness report

Charity night where we had an assembly line for stuffing VIP bags and stuffing VIP, Vendor and Press cards into lanyards.


First day of having guests in the hall.  Working with the incredible Tinsel Korey. One panel, autographs and a photo op.


Fourth of July, incredible panel on Tinsel’s life and career, scheduled photo op, and I tried to drive traffic to our booth.


The day we were expecting to be busy.  I got my Doctor Who quilt signed by Sylvester McCoy, went to the photo op booth with Tinsel, shilled for any sales we could get for all the celebrities on our row, had an incredible panel on the power of women in entertainment, shook Sean Astin’s hand, saw Mark Sheppard arrive, found out that Jed Brophy will not sign body parts (asked him what the strangest thing he had been asked to autograph), was told to stop apologizing for things I had no control or responsibility for, and ended the day with dinner at the Pie.


Oddly, I moved more than at ComicCon but felt like I accomplished less. Looking forward to September.

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  1. Which app are you using? It looks so efficient and streamlined!


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