How do you keep your stash organized?

Wait, I’m supposed to organize my stash?  It’s not supposed to be in piles around my stash room?  Or stuffed into shelves and baskets?

I will admit the one place I am organized is my patterns.  I have filing cabinets for those.  They are in order by designer and date published.  I’ve tried multiple way to organize my quilting fabric – by color, by size of pieces, and by possible project.  Um, still doesn’t work.

Threads are fairly organized.  By maker (Weeks, DMC, Anchor), then style (floss, perle, silk, etc), then number.

Stitching fabrics are organized by count then color name.

But that’s the extent of organization….

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  1. The 2nd 35 Years

     /  April 17, 2014

    My dad gave me the entire set of DMC for Christmas one year. It’s still in that bag and I just dig through it as needed. I have vowed to get it all organized, and started with the Iris boxes!

  2. Charts are organized in hanging file folders in plastic file boxes, typically by genre (cross stitch, hardanger, counted canvas, punchneedle), then designer, then title. Sometimes I will group like designers together into a folder. Magazines are organized by date, with the JCS ornie issues separated into their own binder. Chart books are not organized. At all. They are just jammed onto a shelf, often by size. LOL. DMC is organized by number, but in 3 different systems. I still have some old skeins wound onto paper bobbins in a plastic case, the middle-aged skeins are on the StitchBow system (which I loathe) and newer skeins are in plastic bags. Other threads are grouped similar to yours. My fabrics are in drawers – one for smaller cuts of standard, solid colored linens, one for smaller cuts of standard, solid colored evenweave, one for rolls of standard, solid colored linens/evenweave, one for smaller cuts of overdyed, one for rolls of overdyed, one for miscellaneous (bookmarks, etc.). Backing fabrics for finishing are grouped by color. Beads are group by manufacturer, then number (if known). Am I missing anything? LOL.


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