The January stitching budget report

So here is my report for the Stitch from Stash contest.

Earlier this month, I did hit the JoAnn’s floss sale and bought the floss for my Winter and Summer Queens.  I loved the sale price and then having a 10% off coupon on top brought it down to .27 a skein which used to be the sale price for Anchor floss or equal to 2 cents more than the standard DMC price when I first started buying my own floss. But I just got all the floss for my two queens for under $14.  I seriously looked at buying a new scroll rod set so I could start them immediately but then I realized it would put me over the $25 for the month and I have so many pieces I could work on before I need to have a new start.  Besides, if I finish my Autumn Queen then I could just use that scroll frame for the new queen. And the more I think about her, the more she starts screaming at me, so guess who just dropped into the screaming slot in my rotation?

So what did I do with my remaining budget money? Well, I’m a volunteer for the Salt Lake ComicCon FanXperience and I was asked to come in for the George Takei event. I’ve been thinking about what I could do with signatures from most of the Star Trek NextGen cast who will be coming in April …

Well, I in the fall, I had Simon Fisher-Becker Sign the Tardis block for my Dr. Who Quilt so, why not a Star Trek Quilt? So I bought 4 fat quarters of a fun fabric which cost $2 more than if I had bought a yard of it but the bolt was gone and all they had was the fat quarters. It’s a good thing we can round down. Since my total for the month is $25.14 – which rounds down to $25.00
Oh, and here is my first signature for the quilt.

George Takei Signature

As for what I did from Stash this month?
I worked on the oldest WIP in my possession. You can read the history of this purse from my Grandmother’s sewing room here. It’s not 100% finished but the front canvas is done.

Front Piece of Petit Point Purse

Carol offered to mail me a piece of 14 count canvas so I can do the back in basketweave. That just leaves me the side piece and so I don’t run out of thread, I’m going to use Black DMC from my stash. So if this were your project, would you do a plain black basketweave back or graph out a matching pattern and use 8 strands of DMC to replicate the 8 strands of cotton floss used on the front?
DH suggested doing a gold/brown fleur-de-lis but I’m thinking something along the lines of just the brown/gold pattern on the front of the purse… suggestions are welcome.

I also finished 4 of the ornaments on my Fuppy list and you can read that report here. and I framed my Celtic Steps 40 ct linen gauze. So all in all a productive month.  I’m currently working on my TW Fruit Bell Pull and piecing my Dr. Who quilt.  The Olympics are coming up and I plan to do quite a bit of stitching while watching them.

And the best part my total projects is under 60 for the first time since 2003. WIPs – 33
FUPpies – 25 (of which I can do 10 myself) It’s a good thing finishing doesn’t count toward the stash budget.

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