Finished some Fuppies…

I keep two separate spreadsheets of my ongoing projects. I have my WIPs and I have my FUPPY list. WIPs are Works in Progress, items that have been started and haven’t been finished. Then there are FUPs. These are items which have been finished but are not in a condition to display. These are quilt tops which are not yet quilts or stitched items which need to be framed, made into ornaments, bellpulls or pillows. My combined list has been over 60 items for several years which has bothered me in the past. As I realized last year, the big key is to work on the FUPpy list.
This weekend I finished three of the FUPs.

My sock monkeys
Sock Monkey Ornaments

And my Homespun Majestic Bird for a neighbor –

That brings my total list to 60 items. And 4 of those are at the framer and 5 of them are at a finisher’s place. This could be a good year for me. It’s not even the end of January and I’ve finished 5 items…

Edited to add:  Finished the last ornament for this rotation slot… A Victoria Sampler Heart ornament.

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  1. Great progress, Stasha!

  1. The January stitching budget report | Just So you Know

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