First Full moon of the year….Topic – Introduce yourself!

Steps up to the mike…taps…
Hi, my name is Stasha and I suffer from Completion Anxiety. At the top of the blog, you’ll see the navigation to go to my Stitch from Stash/Wipocalypse/WIP/UFO page showing the initial status of all my started projects or things I’ve committed to do. On January 1st, I completed the Homespun Elegance Majestic Bird pattern that I’ve committed to make into an ornament. Then over the last weekend, I finished one of the sock monkey ornaments that I’ve had in my FUPPY pile for over 2 years. But this month I’ve been concentrating on one of my 3 oldest WIPs. A Petit point purse from my Grandmother’s sewing room. I figure that it’s a 60+ year old WIP.

Progress as of 15/Jan/2014

Progress as of 15/Jan/2014

The back is missing from the kit but Carol offered to send me 14 ct canvas to make a back. So now I’m hoping I have enough 8 strand cotton floss to finish the entire thing. I will admit though that I am ready to move on to the next slot on my rotation which will be my TW FruitBell pull that I started sometime in the 1990’s.

The big goal this year is to have more finishes than starts and to finish more older pieces than new pieces.

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  1. I have the same goal this year – more finishes, less starts. i wish us both the best of luck.

    Happy Stitching!!!

  2. The purse front is coming along great and I see you decided to finish it in canvas instead of velvet. Happy stitching !! See you next month or on the Rotation BB.

  3. It’s nice to “meet” you. The purse looks great, can’t wait to see it complete!

  4. The purse is absolutely gorgeous, I’m looking forward to see it finished. Good luck with your goals.

  5. What a fantastic WIP – how cool that it was your grandma’s!

  6. Lovely! And now I don’t feel so bad about my 12+ year old WIP.

  7. How wonderful that you’re finishing your grandma’s project!

  8. typenstitch

     /  January 18, 2014

    The petit point purse will be beautiful! I loved looking at your list of WIPs. Lots and lots of lovely needlepoint designs! I have 1 needlepoint WIP that I started in 1980.


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