And the end of January 2013…

So the goal for this year is to put in at least 5 hours on every project on the WIP list.  I calculated if I work on at least 3 pieces a month, I’ll be able to touch everything.  So far I’m on track.  I actually touched four pieces in January.

The first piece is an apron that my great-grandmother started for me.  She put stitches in showing me what to do.  My grandmother worked on it too when I forgot how to do the stitches.  I asked my mother to put some stitches in and I don’t remember if she did or not but we’ll just say she did.  My daughter put some stitches in too, doing a full half of the outline on one of the leaves.  That makes five generations who have put in stitches on this apron.  Hopefully it will be viewed as an heirloom by my daughter who will receive this for her hope chest.

Since I had done a great job finishing things with very few new starts last year (in fact only one 2012 start is still on the WIP list). I figured I deserved a new start so I began Sentinel from Fire Wing Designs.  I put about 3 hours in on it and then I needed a travel piece so I grabbed my Blackwork Dragon and I haven’t wanted to put it down.  I’ve put 4 hours in on it and I’m not really in a mood to stop.  So that was my three, right?

Except Sarah asked me about beginner quilts and it hit me that I really should finish the instructions for the 9 patch beginners quilt, so 4 episodes of Supernatural later I have the finished quilt top and the two previous blog posts are the instructions to wrap up the original instructions posted in November 2009 (yep, it took a while to get back to it).

So that’s four projects touched during January, let’s see if I can keep it up during February.

During February, the goals are to make a baby quilt for my cousin, get the border done on Stars for a New Millenium and some more time in on both Blackwork Dragon and Sentinel and with any luck, work on one of my existing quilts.

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