And the new year starts – A Guilt Free January Fail

Just so you know for the past 2 years, I’ve focused on finishing things I’ve started with maybe one or two small starts for breaks or obligation pieces. The WIP list is under 40 and I’m feeling good about how close to being moved to the FUPPY pile things are getting. With that going on, I thought I could handle a Guilt Free January start, after all, Fire Wings Designs Sentinel has been screaming at me since July (I bought everything to start it at Nashville CATS so that gives some idea to how long I’ve had it).
So I put it up on scroll rods and put in 2 strands and I couldn’t do it anymore. I’m not sure if it’s knowing that I’m starting a medium to large project or working on the scroll rods or something else but, I keep thinking about another piece that is only an hour or two from being completed; including the finishing (I need to go buy some White satin ribbon to keep it from going into the FUPPY pile.)
So maybe I’m finally cured of my completion anxiety?
Or maybe I’m just remembering my last foray into Guilt Free January which resulted in so many of the current WIPs on my list?

Or maybe I’m feeling guilty for having an uncompleted piece that I started as a teenager that has been worked on by 5 generations of the women in my family?

Anyway, we’ll see if moving from scroll rods to bars improves my feelings about the piece.

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