Quilt top done – need opinions on the backing fabric

So that quilt top I’ve been trying to finish since September – it’s done.   I thought I had it finished last week but then I tried it on the boy and it didn’t cover his head when tucked around his feet so we had to add an additional border.  Now the decision – this is his bedding in the Philippines so we aren’t putting any batting in but what do we use for the backing?

The choices are

1. Minkee – kind of thick but really soft.  It will make the quilt weigh 5 pounds.

2. Flannel – Still soft and doesn’t weigh as much as the minkee but will have at least 3 seams to make it large enough.

3. A 250 count Egyptian cotton queen sheet – not soft but no seams.

I’m leaning toward the cotton sheet, because it would make it really easy to wash and dry and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything unravelling.

Oh, you probably want to see it – huh?

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  1. Jenn (U9Corn Angel)

     /  October 20, 2012

    I like the idea of using a bedsheet so you can eliminate seams. Before committing to the 250ct Egyptian cotton one, though, I’d probably look at similar options. Some of Ikea’s sheets are nice. Or there’s the jersey knit sheets my 19 year old bought when she headed off to BYU-I.


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