Should be Happy Dancing but not sure I can find the path…

So this year I’ve been stitching on some of my older pieces.  You know the kind, WIPS who have become teenagers and lay around the house moaning about how hard it is not to be an adult (completed).  I have finished 10 pieces so far and framed several.  You would think that having finished some of my older pieces; things I’ve been working on for so long, would be a relief and a cause for much rejoicing.  I’m finding, however, that I miss them.  I’ve become accustomed to having the unfinished pieces around the house and it’s not as much fun trying to figure out where I’m going to hang finished pieces or how I’m going to finish them if I don’t frame them.

I had planned to start some of my fully kitted projects this year  (one start for every 2 finishes) but I’ve had absolutely no desire to do that.  I keep wondering if the lack of desire to start anything new has to do with my deteriorating eyesight.  My favorite fabric was 36ct linen, now I have trouble seeing anything over a 28ct and I have to wear reading glasses to do that.  So part of me wonders, are my days of “fine” handiwork over without ever having done a sampler or something on 50+ count linen like the children in the past did?  How huge will some of my large pieces be if I start them on 28 ct?  What do I do with the pieces I have fully kitted with 32ct and 36ct fabrics?   I could bypass all of these questions by starting to work on my Needlepoint and counted canvas pieces.  After all, I can still see the holes in an 18 count canvas without any glasses on at all.

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