July WIPocalypse post

I must have done more reading than stitching but looking at the pictures I do see some progress.  But considering how little there is of it, I think I probably spent more time on Zynga than I should have .

TW's Winter Carousel Horse July 3, 2012

Winter really should have been finished by now.  I can see the progress now that I look at the picture and compare it to last month but looking at the graph, I feel that I haven’t made any progress at all.

Fixed but not finished....

The loom saw some love, although it looks much the same as last month.  However, the error in the harness has been fixed and now it’s an issue of do I split the last diamond and do a half on each edge or do I pick one side and add a 4th diamond.  I’m  leaning toward the split pattern just because I tend to like patterns with an odd number of repeats.

Black Swan's Fire and Ice

What’s surprising is how much love and attention this little guy got.  I took him to the primary elections with me and worked on him in between chapters of Deadlocked.  He’s the next piece which should be getting time and attention but I think he’ll get alternated with the Pony.  It will be interesting to see how much stitching time I get with the Olympics coming up this month.

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  1. That horse is coming along nicely. I just started following your blog and I can’t believe how many different things you have going on at one time!!

  2. Robin Patrick

     /  July 3, 2012

    Your TW piece is going to be gorgeous when it’s finished, and I love the little dragon on the sparkly fabric. Great progress!

  3. Looking good, Stasha! Can’t wait to see your woven piece.

  4. Me too with the Zynga… LOL… From when I last saw your horse, you’ve definitely made a lot of progress. Great job!

  5. Jan

     /  July 4, 2012

    The TW is so gorgeous. I really like seeing someone stitching it.

  6. Great progress – your loom looks amazing – something I would love to learn how to do!


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