Already thinking about next year?

So I’ve been making good progress on some of my older large pieces and realizing that if I finish the easy pieces this year, I will be left with ten pieces started and six of those will be Teresa Wentzler’s designs. Since last year was the year of the 40 ct linen Carousel Horses where much progress was made but nothing was completed and that my Queens are on 36 count silk linen – I’m thinking that the follow up to the WIPocalypse is Seasonal pieces. This gives me an excuse to finish kitting up Summer and Winter Mirabilia Queens. I’m planning on finishing up Winter Horse during his stint in the WIPocalypse and he may jump ahead and be this month instead of Warping my loom. But then again, I could warp the loom in an afternoon and then work on my Winter Pony. He only has about 50 hours and then he’ll be finished.
This means if I worked on seasonal things next year, I could put Winter Queen in the Winter spot and then alternate between ponies and Queens in the other seasons.
Then again there is the 2 year long SAL for Stars for a New Millenium. I still haven’t bought the pattern but it goes on 20% off in July and the SAL doesn’t start until November.
So why am I even worrying about 2013 when 2012 isn’t over? Things could change and there’s no guarantee if I’ll have stitching time or where things will be after all, doesn’t the world end in December?

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