Thinking about new starts and why they don’t appeal…

So I’ve finished 2 medium/big projects lately and in the past that would be the reason to start something else. I have several projects which are kitted up and ready to be started. Sentinel which I bought when I went to CATS in Nashville, Mirabilia’s Spring Queen which I kitted up as a Christmas present to myself several years ago (and gave to myself a 2nd time when I needed to use the money my parents gave me for the kid’s Christmas presents).
I have Maggie the Messmaker which was given to me as a gift, and Glendon Place’s Sleepy Hollow. There are several small pieces too but these are the ones I think about the most.

However, although I would normally be jonesing for a new start, right now, I’m more anxious to work on Autumn Queen which I haven’t touched in 8 years. (I tell you 2004 was a good year for starts and not one for finishes). I did actually get 30 minutes in on her the other night. I have about one more day of contract work and then I’ll be able to concentrate on her.

I actually got both Sentinel and Sleepy Hollow out the other night after I finished Fire Dancer and I looked at them and thought – I really didn’t schedule any new starts into the WIPocalypse plan. Okay, well I did put Sentinel into an alternate slot but I also have 2 other pieces in the alternate slots ahead of that one.

There’s a part of me which wonders what’s wrong with me since I really don’t want to start anything new. DH says it’s the feeling of having too much on my plate and it will go away once I get a few more things completed (like my WIPocalypse list). Either that or when I get to the point where all I have left is Teresa Wentzler WIPS, I’ll start something simple just to have a break between pieces.

I can see his point but there’s a part of me which wonders if I’m losing the passion.

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  1. I know how you feel… though I don’t think I’m losing my passion for stitching.

    I’m just a few beads away from a third finish this year and all were started before 2012 (admittedly the first finish was started on Christmas Day last year, but that was the oddball). I added two new starts to the WIPocalypse list, but I’m not even tempted (one was Sleepy Hollow). I’m enjoying seeing measurable progress on the WIPs I put on the list. With all the other craziness right now, that routine is more comforting to me than ever. Maybe it’s just a maturity, rather than a diminishing of interest.


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