Before the WIPocalypse…

There was the WIP Killers Project…and this was my list

Started projects:
Horrified  Just Nan  
Red Thread Sampler Bent Creek Jan-09 57% 318 medium 
 Fire Dance Enchanted Lair Sep-04 57% 285 medium 72% 2/2012  Finished 3/11/12
 Dragon Ride TW 7/31/2000 56% 221 medium
 Fruit Bell Pull TW 1997 44% 344 medium
 Fairy Tale Sampler #2 Dragon Dreams Nov-03 12% 234 medium  finished 3/1/12
 Winter Horse TW 7/12/2000 44% 500 large 76% 12/2011
 Autumn Queen Mirabilia Jul-04 42% 551 large
 O Christmas Tree MLI 1/1/2004 35% 480 large
 Autumn Carousel Horse TW Feb-10 21.4% 500 large 28% 12/2011
 Fire and Ice (Kustom Krafts) KK 1/20/2003 14% 560 large
 Fortunate Traveller TW Sep-03 12% 500 large

As you can see, 2003 and 2004 were a year of starts for me with not much happening after that.  The WIPocalypse has been good to me as I’ve knocked 2 pieces off the list.  That’s right – FireDancer is now complete.


I started FireDancer by Enchanting Lair for my daughter since my daughter was a Highland Dancer who liked Fairies.  The fabric is from SilkWeaver before they were purchased and I don’t remember the color but it’s a linen of some sort.

I converted the colors to Anchor fibers and when I put in the last stitch ImageThis was all the Anchor 43 I had left in the skein.  I’m thinking that I’ll put it in the ort jar instead of filing it back in the floss boxes.

Now to start working on the next on my WIPocalypse list which is 5th from the bottom on my WIP Killers list – Mirabilia’s Autumn Queen.  Yes, it’s time for Mirabilia March!
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