2nd Month of the WIPocalypse…

I have finishes, just not the one that I planned.  This month I had scheduled to work on FireDancer since it was a whopping huge 28 count fabric and I really didn’t think I could look at 40 count for another month.  This is where FireDancer was when I started this month..

And this is where I finished…But I actually did more this month, namely the Purple Jody ornament which I was going to work on starting 10/29/12 – 

Well I finished it.  Work enrolled me in a SharePoint class and the first day they had technical difficulties so we had down time where I got to listen to the instructor talk to the IT guy and since I’m not one to sit doing nothing and he would have heard if I played FaceBook games, I stitched on my ornament and lo and behold, it’s finished.  Well the stitching is finished it still needs to be blocked and then I need to find a finisher because I’m not giving anything to the finisher at my LNS until she finds the ornament she lost 3 years ago.

And that’s not all folks… Since I still had 4 days of class with downtime and I needed something brainless to work on which could be dropped at a moments notice, my alternate piece, Mr. Big Mouth, the final applique block for my monster quilt is finished.

Yes, you get him full size because he’s a big finish this month.  Now I need to find a new alternate piece and that slot the Jody ornament was in now has something else in it.  I didn’t add anything new to the rotation, just put Winter Carousel horse into an actual slot instead of saying I would work on it when I had time between finishes.

I did get some work in on a few other pieces too – My Purple/Teal stocking got the Purple Krenik finished on it since I needed it to come back to the Jody ornament and I did make more progress on Main Street, just not as much as I hoped…

  The next building arrived and I so wanted to be finished with this building before I got the pattern for the 2nd.  It didn’t happen but I did get a ton more stitching in than thought I would and I have 2 finishes this month.

Long live the WIPocalypse!

If you would like to learn more about the WIPocalypse, check out Measi’s blog.

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  1. Impressive progress on Fire Dancer. Love, love, love the Jody ornament! I’m in awe of Mr. Big Mouth since I don’t do applique.

  2. Yeah good job on the progress! Glad to know I’m not the only one that sneaks in stitching at work.

  3. Beth

     /  February 7, 2012

    I love your ornament!! And it cracked me up how you were able to finish it. I always have a small project in my purse for such occasions. The monster quilt square is amazing. I am going to have to go to your earlier posts to see some of the other squares!

  4. Your finisher lost your work?!?!?! I would stroke out.

    Love your purple ornament, and that big ole’ monster is just awesome.

  5. Mireille

     /  February 8, 2012

    I LOVE your monster 🙂

  6. Well done on the finishes! The fabric looks fascinating in the Fire Dancer project.

  7. I *love* Mr. Big Mouth! How large is the block all finished?

    BTW, I tagged you on my blog for 11 Things. http://moviemuse.blogspot.com/2012/02/11-things.html


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