Applique is a personal thing…

and before we even discuss the personality in an applique design, let’s talk about needles. All the women I’ve taken applique classes from each swore that applique only worked with a specific needle.  One swore by straw needles, one by something that looked like a #12 beading needle and another by what she called Size 5 embroidery needles (I would have called them a #26 sharps).  Personally, I like using a Roxanne #11 Between needle. Yes, I realize that some would say that’s a needle specifically for quilting but it works for me quite well for turning the edges of applique.

So back to applique – I took a class about 10 years ago when I first started quilting and the friend I took the class with a friend whose finished project is starting to wear out and here I haven’t even finished my quilt.  I have one block left to finish and it’s been years since I’ve worked on it.

When it comes to putting applique together again, it’s a personal decision.  I know many ways of tracing the patterns and each person I’ve talked to does it differently.  Some using fusing and iron on with either machine or hand seamed edges, or fuse the center and hand turn the edges.  I’ve heard many ways of using freezer paper – the way I was taught was to use the freezer paper as the pattern and trace on the front, another way I’ve heard but not seen is to use the freezer paper as iron on and then pull it out a slit in the back.  Then there is plastic template – but that gets expensive.

I’m not skilled enough to do fine thin work like vines but I do okay with big pieces.  I have the last of the 2 sets of nine monsters left to finish and then it’s just a matter of putting the pieces together.  So I’ve got 17 monsters – 9 iron on and then hand embroidered on the edges, 8 needle turned with one left to finish the monster was my alternate piece to work on during the WIPocalypse, just in case I finished anything and still had time to in the month.  However, I needed something that didn’t require thought which I could do while listening to a lecture and now, my final applique monster has part of his mouth and all the pieces cut out – I’m counting it as WIPocalypse progress and I’ll post it on the 7th.

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  1. Wow Shondratasha. you got a lot done this month. I’m lovin’ that ornie and Mr. Big Mouth. 🙂 Great job!!


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