Have I mentioned I love my job?

In June 2011, I got laid off from a job that paid well but didn’t offer any challenge.  It was with a software arm of an accounting firm, specializing in government fringe benefit accounting.  Ever felt really great after a supposed “bad” thing happens?  The day after my lay-off was one of the best days of my life.

I love the networking that comes with a job hunt and met some incredible people.  And I still have a few people who I need to have lunch with in the next few months.  Anyway, 6 informational interviews and 2 real interviews with my current employer got me a Business Analyst job with a company which owns multiple banks.

I love what I do!  I’m in charge of “marketing” the abilities of some ECM applications to our affiliates.  I love hearing how people are doing things, listening to how they want to improve and helping them find solutions to their pain points.  In addition, training is a huge thing where I work.  I’m getting a week of Microsoft BA training this month and I have a week long BA Bootcamp in May.  And this is on top of the leadership training I’ve already had since I started!  

There isn’t a point to this post other than to say – I love what I do and where I work.

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